Muscle and Strength

Humanofort Benefits for Bodybuilding and Strength Athletes

Humanofort as you know has a vast range of benefits for all athletes. Studies show that 600mg of Humanofort per day was able to increase free testosterone, androstenedione and dehydroepiandrosterone by over 100% while reducing oxidative stress by 30%.  These numbers are quite astonishing compared to any other supplement and again backed by clinical studies!

High intensity exercise, the use of caffeine caffeine and calorie restriction, all potential aspects of bodybuilding, athletes or an avid exerciser may increase cortisol levels, which if uncontrolled can result in negative effects mentioned above. As the use of Humanofort can blunt cortisol levels, this can help promote better body composition and more normal blood sugars. During bulking periods in bodubuilding, high fat intake can also negatively affect lipid/cholesterol levels in the body, which Humanofort can assist with.