Jessica Evans, Alabama. USA. 02/07/21

Regarding taking the Humanofort. I am 49 and in excellent health, but encountering a bit of peri-menopausal symptoms occasionally, such as having longer menstrual cycle once last year.

I am taking the Humanofort in the hope of growing old gracefully. This is my experience during the first day or so with Humanofort and continuing over a week.

For many years now my breakfast has been 2 pieces of high fiber whole wheat toasts with peanut butter and a cup of hot chocolate by 7 am. And by 10 am I would be hungry and looking for things to eat.  I took the first Humanofort  pill with a full glass of water upon waking according to the instruction on the label. I noticed right away I was pretty full at 10 am that day.  I went along with my daily spin class at the gym from 12 to 1 pm without any food intake at 10. By 2 PM, I was still feeling “FULL” which was very unusual. Normally I would be dying to eat anything at that time, and most of the time I would have a protein shake with a banana or a protein bar.  Or if I do not eat at that time (because I forgot to bring them along), around 3-4pm  I would have a light headache, indicating blood sugar is a bit low. However I did not have any light-headedness that day. I had my lunch at 5:30 pm that day which was actually my dinner!!

I realized the Humanofort  was doing what it claimed to do, that was stabilizing my blood sugar and insulin level. With that said I was very happy to pop another pill before heading to bed the same day.

I continued this for 5 days. At the 5th day, my period came!! That was a big surprise. I had just started my period on 5/23, and now at 6/7, it came again! It sped up by about 2 weeks without any discomfort. I think the oligopeptie growth factors in the complex which helps the secretion of hormones at its optimum levels hence speeds up my menstrual cycle.

I hope I will be able to lose a few pounds with this complex by feeling FULL most of time besides having a more youthful appearance. Yesterday morning when I weighed myself the very 1st time, I realized I dropped about 2 lbs (could be water weight), but the surprising part was the %body fat dropped 1%!! It remained to be seen if  %fat continues to decrease despite of me not being on any specific diet. I did eat less in general since I am fulling full most of time but not having the craving was the best!!

This is what I experienced with the Humanofort. Should you have any questions, please let me know…

Sok Leng Khor

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