Jim Chelossi

My name is Jim Chelossi and this is about  my father:

February 6, 2008

It has been 24 days since my Dad started taking Humanofort. After one week I could see some small changes in Dad’s daily activities. Before he started Humanofort he would sleep late in the morning anywhere from 10-12 Noon sometimes. He would then eat, watch TV, eat lunch, take a nap, get up and watch TV until dinner and then go to bed after dinner (around 6-7pm). He would not say much in the day, maybe a word or two if you asked him something. After 1 week he started talking more and doing small things such as finding his way to the bathroom or putting his seat belt on with no help. Now, after 3 weeks, they are small changes but any change for the better is great. He has been getting up earlier every day now and the last couple of days he has asked to walk on the treadmill and lift with the barbells. It had been 6 months since he has wanted to workout before Humanofort. I would ask him daily and he would say, “Tomorrow I will start.” He is laughing at things again, not always but I have not seen him laugh this much in a long time (6 months to one year). The children and my wife Tammy have also seen the changes in Dad. His last shower he was able to understand when you told him to wash his legs. He would just wash his head over and over again even after telling him to wash his legs. He needs help all the time but it has been a lot easer the last couple of weeks. I will be keeping a diary of my Dad’s progress throughout our journey with this wonderful Humanofort.

February 8, 2008

Today has started out very good as Dad worked out first thing this morning. Every day when he gets up he leaves his glasses in the room and cannot seem to figure out how to get them out of the room or find them. For the first time that I can remember I ask him to go get his glasses and he went into the room and found them without any help. Usually he will go in the room or wonder around for awhile then just sit down and I will get them for him.

February 9, 2008

Dad wanted to work out. He got up early (8am) and there were times he would not get up until 11 or 12am eat then go back to bed. In the gym he walked 10 minutes on the tread mill. One month ago I was getting worried about Dad. He would sit in one place so long that his legs were getting very weak and he would stumble almost every time he would walk. (I knew getting him on the treadmill would help with that.) He did very well with his shower today. He washed his body parts when instructed and he was able to wash more than his head. I always stay in the bathroom when he is in the shower and it is nice when he can help by washing his own body.

He was in a good mood all day and at dinner he went to his own seat without sitting in someone else’s chair first. He went into the dinning room without any problems. We were having sushi and he was able to mix his own wasabi and soy sauce together after I showed him how with my own. He was able to do this fairly quickly and I was very impressed as he had not been able to perform this action in a long time, even with instruction. I know these are little things but any improvement is great.

February 10, 2008

Dad walked 17 minutes on treadmill and lifted light weights for a few sets today. He came out of his room with his glasses on and that may not sound like much but this is great for him. While watching TV today, he was laughing and he even picked up his plate from the table and brought it to the sink without being asked. It was a good day today.

February 11, 2008

Dad went to the gym this morning and was working out for about 10 minutes. He has been in a good mood and even tried to hide from me when I came in to scare me (Dad use to be quite the jokester) then he started laughing when I saw him. I put on a movie that he didn’t know the name of but he remembered the ending of the movie. These are big steps for Dad.


Dad is up to 15 min on treadmill. Today I was in the gym he came out he did not have his glasses on I told him to see if he could get his glasses. He came back without them I told him again this went on 2 more times when he came back with his glasses he went in to his room and found them. There was times that he can’t find his room with out help for him to go into the house find his room and his glasses was a big deal

2-25 -08

Dad has allot more energy he want to work out or do something witch is much better then before he would sit in front of the TV all day if I let him or take long naps he hasn’t taken a nap in quite a long time .Treadmill is at 25 min at 2.5 mph he love it then lifts weights for 10 15 min..He still gets confuse don’t get me wrong but now you ask him something and you can see he is thinking about it before he would just say I cant remember or I don’t know .He doesnot always come up with the answer but I know he is trying. For so long there was only dad going backwards never staying the same and for him to be doing any better is a wonderful thing it make it allot easer to take care of him.


Dads doing well he even cut his pancake with his fork I always cut up all his food just wanted to see if he could do it no problem. He is happy and likes that he is working out.25 min on treadmill is what he does now.


Dad asked about my friend he said how is your friend doing I asked if he knew his name he thought about it and said Scotty he never seams to get a name right I did ask him later and he did not get it right but before he would have never got it . later I pointed to my daughter and ask him her name he said Carlee that is great

You can see that dad has been working out his arms look strong.


Dad is doing well he is more fun then he has been in a long time laughing and playing with the kids. Working out every day and though he forgets things one time he remembers it the next he is doing much better all the way around. If he does not know the answer at least he is thinking about the answer .Picking up his plates after a meal .He also has mush more energy not taking very many naps and getting up earlier am very happy with his progress. It makes it allot easer to take care of and he enjoys life more.


Dad has his ups and downs and does get confused but all in all I am very happy with the way he is doing he has been staying about the same but I will take it. Before it was always backwards slowly watching him get worse and worse .He works out and is fun to be around for the most part. He never use to smile now he laughs out load .I know that there are many people out there that are taking care of others with Alzheimer’s.


The last two weeks dad has been doing great. Sleeping well at night and getting up early working out and in a great mood. Playing with my children and laughing allot. He keeps saying he want a girlfriend before I don’t think he could have a relationship as he would not get out of in front of the TV or he would be sleeping and not talking much .Now his energy level is up and he is fun to be around and could handle a conversation with others.


We have a new dog dad loves him he even remembered his name when I asked him .I had dad take the dog for a walk today on the property on a leash with me watching he did great just another thing he would have never done before he started on Humanofort.

4-30 -08

The last three days have been dads best so far he has been allot of fun .I turned on the music in the weight room and out of the blue he started dancing. He has been watching movies and really understanding them .The Humanofort is great and has help my dad and mad it easer to take care of him.


Today was a great day we had some guest at the house. Most dad did not know .He came out and sat at the table and was talking to a couple having a good time .Then he was talking to another guest chatting it up. This is something that is great. Back in January if we would have people over he would not even come out of the house and wouldn’t have come out and join the group and talk with them.

Later on after most had gone dad and my son went to the basketball court and my son and dad were shooting the ball. I had to get it on video it was great .I think he even mad a couple. And he tried dribbling the ball


Today I made lunch for dad I went out of the room and when I cam into the kitchen dad had mad a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I ask him what was up he said I was still hungry. He has not made anything in over 2 years. I will say there was a mess but he did it one his own. His workouts have been good he tells me that he is ripped; Tomorrow he goes to the dr for his regular checkup I am sure the dr is going to be surprised on how well he is doing and how good he looks.


It has been awhile since I have made any additions to Dad’s diary. I would like to bring it up to date.

Dad is still working out and laughing and trying to be part of the family talk, especially at dinner. He enjoys watching television.

He gets on the treadmill for about 20 minutes now. He also likes to show off his shadow boxing.

The other day he told me he would like to have a girlfriend.

Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease and before Humanofort Dad was only going backwards.

There was a time I was running out of Humanofort so I cut back his dose in half and within a week I could see that he was not doing as well. I have him back on his regular dose now and he seems to be getting back to where he was.

I am not saying that Dad is 100%, the same he was a year ago. Alzheimer’s is taking its

Toll on him but he is still so pleasant to be around. He does need a little more help now but without the Humanofort he would be in bed or in front of the TV like he was before he started Humanofort.

Just that small amount of time he was without the full dose of Humanofort proved to me how much it has helped my dad.