Energy and stamina

Possible benefits of Humanofort with endurance activities

Humanofort™ can help bring balance to the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis. This assists the entire endocrine system in achieving homeostasis and efficient operation. Next, the endocrine system secretes hormones at optimum levels resulting in improved cellular signaling. Improved cellular signaling results in cellular rejuvenation and ultimately translates to optimal health longevity and restoration of youthful vitality to the body.

Humanofort renews cells and helps to elevate hormone levels which in studies have been shown to increase energy and stamina in competitive sports.  Due to Humanofort helping to increase natural hormone levels this could possibly result in higher red blood cells (which carry oxygen) which again will help to increase energy and stamina! Humanofort increases DHEA and Testosterone therefore possibly giving athletes increased energy and vitality. Please see our Studies page with clinical studies on a team of rugby players where their performance was increased due to using Humanofort.

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